Spectators are welcome to support and encourage runners and we thank you for it.

Some mobile food and beverage vans will be available and there is plenty of space for children to run around.

Spectators need to avoid being on the route of the race where participants are running. This is for safety reasons.

Spectators can not help, assist any runners at anytime except in case of life threatening situation. Any assistance in other circumstances will disqualify the athletes straight away.

Please be safe and if you wish to help and volunteer on the day, let us know and email us at

Support Crew for Ultra Runners

Official I.A.U regulations for Ultra events
The official Refreshment/Handling Zones shall be marked clearly by signs “beginning” and “end” and will be approximately 400 m long.
Each crew will need to provide a first aid kit in case runners suffers from blisters, or other minor first aid issue which could arise, even some toilet paper.
If your runner will be consuming any pharmaceutical products during the event or prior to the event then please submit the names and dosage to the race organiser before the start of the event.  Discretion is guaranteed and the information will only be made available to the Doctor or paramedics upon you not being able to provide it yourself.
Pacing on the course by supporters will not be tolerated and will lead to disqualification.
Participants may only stop at designated official team support zones to receive fluids, food or change footwear or clothing. Assistance outside of designated zones will result in disqualification.