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Portumna Chamber of Commerce 

Booking.com (direct link to closest accommodation with in 20min)

Pallas Karting has a very thorough and useful list of accommodation

Portumna Town info : http://www.portumna.net/


Start Times and Cut off Times


June Events Start Times:

  • 7:00am 100km
  • 7:00am 50km
  • 9:15 & noon Marathon
  • 10.00 am Half Marathon (NEW)
  • 9.00 am 10K
  • 9.00 am Half Marathon
Cut off Times:

  • 100km 15 hours
  • 50km 8 hours
  • Marathon 7 hours
  • Half Marathon 4h
  • None
  • None

Please Note, Forest Park gates close at 9pm. While 100km runners can finish up to 10pm we must respect our volunteers and staff who will not be able to stay until that time. Dismantling of the course will take place from 6pm to 9pm including the finish line.

100Km runner need to have a crew to support them after 8PM and are allowed to be supported by a runner or cyclist for the remaining time of the event. The crew are also to have a mobile phone and contactable at any time.

Race Director will wait for all participants to finish their event in the until the officials cut off times with their finisher medals & refreshments.


I can’t run or attend, or I want to change event, what should I do ?

Email info@forestmarathon.com to change event before June 1st. If event is sold out there is no guarantee of a change. If you cannot make it, we will defer you to 2019.

Is the Forest Marathon Walker & Wheelchair friendly ?

Yes it is. As per picture below we are welcoming walkers & wheelchairs or anybody who want to take part and over 18 years old.

You do need to make sure if you have special requirements that someone looks after you or that you are self sufficient.

Forest Marathon do not have the resources and man power to dedicate volunteers to your needs. We will try our very best when possible.

Please make sure you bring spare equipment if needed, such as spare tyres, plasters etc.

The quality of the road is not guaranteed to be smooth and is under Coillte & OPW  authority, not the event organiser.


Pacing devices and Personal Music Players

For safety issues we do not recommend the use of music player with earphones. The main reason is simply to avoid accident such as runners or wheelchairs coming from behind, along with marshals trying to guide you toward the right direction or warn you of a immediate danger. Use of music equipment distract runners attention to the running event.

Use of GPS, Heart rate monitor, stopwatch to monitor your progress is allowed

Pacing is all kind of technical pacing devices are forbidden, especially by vehicles of all kinds: such as stride rates, tempo equipment including tempo music which would give you an unfair advantage over other participants.

Pacing, i.e. the ‘step making’ and the accompaniment of participants by any athlete not in the same event is strictly forbidden  e.g. no man can run with any woman as they are taking part in separate events, 100km, 50km and marathon athletes are also in separate events and cannot pace each other and any runner who has retired during the event must take no further part at all.


Where can I find the results ?

That’s an easy one :

-select the link at the top of the website called “Results”

If they are not there, it means the timing company did not release them yet so just be bit a little more patient! Please bare in mind that the last runners will finish at 10pm & it will only be after this that the results will be compiled so although you might have finished at 1pm the event is still in progress.

Results will be posted on our website within 7 days of the events due the complexity of the events . We do not guarantee the timing company will send you a text result.


Anybody is welcome to support and encourage runners and we thank you for it.

Spectators need to avoid to be on the route of the race where participants are running. This is for saftey reasons.

Spectators can not help, assist any runners at anytime except in case of life threatning situation. Any assistance will disqualify the athletes straight away.

Please be safe and if you wish to help and volunteer on the day, let us know and email us at info@forestmarathon.com